Under a business visa, known as Item II Temporary Visa, a foreigner may stay in Brazil in order to carry on business activities, promotion of products and market survey. This visa also allows the attendance to fairs, events, meetings, seminars and conferences, among others cases.

The bearer of this visa may not work for a Brazilian company. The foreigner is forbidden to render any type of service, paid or not, and will be subject to a fine and to expulsion. The fine is also imposed on the company hiring this holder of visa.

Under a business visa, which is normally granted for up to five years, the holder is entitled to multiple entries if he/she if a citizen of a country that offers, as per reciprocity, similar conditions to Brazilian citizens. Despite the fact that the visa is valid for up to five years, the maximum stay period for each entry in Brazil is ninety days, which can be extended for a similar period. This 180-day period may occur once every twelve months, counted as from the date of the latest entry in the country.

The listing of countries whose citizens must get business visas before traveling to Brazil is available at the web site of the Federal Police,

The necessary documents for this type of visa must be obtained in Brazil and then mailed to the foreigner who will have to submit them, in person, at the Brazilian Consulate.

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