The Firm

The Firm was set up in the early sixties, and in 1993 it became a partnership under the coordination of its senior partner, Dr. Plínio Gustavo Prado Garcia. 

The Firm members have full knowledge of the law and act in several of the legal areas on behalf of individual and corporate clients.

The present partners are: Plinio Gustavo Prado Garcia, Gustavo Storrer Prado Garcia and Marcello Storrer Prado Garcia.

Prado Garcia Advogados - Lawyers and Consultants is headquartered in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The Firm has a team of associate lawyers in the main capital cities of Brazil, including but not limited to Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, as well as a network of correspondent law firms around the world.


 Incorporation (Corporate Law):
General legal assistance to both Brazilian and multinational companies in all of matters related to business activities. Read more

 Immigration - Visa:
General legal assistance to foreigners in Brazil. Types of Visa. Read more

 Tax Law:
Recovery of tax credits for off
-setting with pending or current tax levies. Tax consults before the tax authorities.

Management of tax liabilities in administrative proceedings and before the Courts in order to reduce the liabilities and to increase the working capital of the companies.

Consulting and advisory services in the context of asset and succession planning.

Asset protection and tax planning under Brazilian law.

 Economic Law:
Advising clients on matters related to the abuse of economic power and on free competition rules.

Defense of individual and companies vis
-à-vis governmental economic plans.

Recovery of financial losses brought about by several of the Government Plans, such as "Plano Cruzado", "Plano Verão", Plano Bresser, "Plano Collor" and "Plano Real".

 International Trade Matters and Issues:

Advising clients on all international trade matters and issues. Filing suits and claims related to the area.

 Law on Communications, Petroleum, Gas and Mining:
Client advisory services in any of the issues and matters related to any of the above topics.

 Environmental Law:
Advising and defending clients on environmental levies and environmental suits.

 Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures:
Advising clients in business negotiations involving company formation in
Brazil, formation of joint ventures, mergers and aquisitions.

 Commercial Arbitration:
Participation in arbitration proceedings and guidance on the Brazilian Arbitration Law.

 Consumer's Legislation:
Advisory services and litigation on consumer's rights.

 Real Estate Legislation:
Legal assistance on real estate negotiations; preparation of contracts; litigation.

 Estate and Probate Law:
Legal guidance to clients on all matters related to separations, divorces, estate and probate proceedings. Litigation.

 Contract and Company Laws:
Advisory services on the preparation of several kinds of contracts, and on business negotiations in order to protect clients' assets and legal rights.

 Litigation Department:

Defending clients at Court and before any of the Government agencies on all sorts of matters or interests therein involved.

Internal Administration 

The Firm has its own intranet, a fact which makes it possible for all of its members to duly file and properly have access to any required document.

Access to the web is carried out through a dedicated digital line, supported by a "Firewall" and shared by all of the terminals in the offices.

Members of the Firm may have remote access to their offices and data basis, and, therefore, they are able to carry out their duties and tasks as if they were present at the Firm offices.

 Infodoc Center:
The Firm's Information and Documentation Center permits immediate access to any required legislation and to all data pertaining to any of its clients.

The Infodoc Center is also encharged with providing the required support to all members of the Firm in an effective and rapid manner. It is within its responsibility to organize the Firms' library and its files, the scanning and digitalization of documents and legal research.

 Telephone System (PABX):
The Firm's telephone system is one of the most sofisticated in the world. It is part of our intranet, a fact which renders our telephone operators greater efficiency in their daily tasks.

The Firm is strategically located downtown São Paulo, near the main Court Houses.


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Prado Garcia Advogados
Rua Tabatingüera, 140, cjs. 312 - 317
Centro, São Paulo, SP - Brazil - CEP 01020-901
Phone: (55-11) 3242-8799 Fax: (55-11) 3107-8934
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Dr. Plínio G. Prado Garcia

Born Franca, State of São Paulo, Brazil, June 24, 1938.
LLM, University of São Paulo Law School, 1962.

MCL -American Practice, 1972, George Washington University, National Law Center, Washington, D.C., USA

Specialist in Tax Law, 1985 - Centro de Estudos de Extensão Universitária - Sao Paulo, SP.

Professor of Civil and Tax Laws. Lecturer.

Areas of Practice:
 Tax Law - Tax Planning at Local and International Levels - Tax Litigation and Guidance;
 Economic Law issues;
 International Trade laws;
 Formation of joint ventures;
 Contracts in general;
 Corporation Law;
 Environmental Law;
 Consumers Legislation;
 Practice before the Federal Supreme Court, the Superior Court of Justice and Federal and State Apellate Courts.

 Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo, since 1960 as solicitor, and since 1963 as attorney-at-law;
  São Paulo Institute of Layers (Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo - IASP);
  Brazilian Institute of Tax Law (Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário - IBDT);
  Brazilian Academy of Tax Law (Academia Brasileira de Direito Tributário);
  International Fiscal Association;
  Inter-American Bar Association;
  Member of several other entities in Brazil and abroad, related to Tax Law and Private International Law.

  Portuguese (native);